What is Visual Stress

Visual Stress refers to discomfort and print distortion brought about by pattern glare: certain repeating shapes, high contrasts and brightness. The most common form of this pattern glare is found when an individual is reading black text on a white background. People who suffer with this can get headaches and migraines in the most severe cases with the ability to comprehend what is written and the speed at which an individual reads being severely hampered.

Pattern glare occurs in patterns that are unnatural, meaning our eyes and brain have to work harder than normal to interpret the image/text. A reason that this occurs is due to over-excitement in the Visual Cortex. This over-activity can cause visual symptoms (e.g. the blurring of letters and skipping of lines), and physical symptoms (e.g. headaches and eye tiredness) which will decrease an individuals reading speed and comprehension. For many people this can be after 10-15 minutes, however for some individuals it can be immediately.