Training Course Testimonials 

"...was excellent, it was well structured, informal but very effective."
“The training on Visual Stress I received from Crossbow was excellent, it was well structured, informal but very effective.  I now have the skills to take back to my workplace to be able to carry out Visual Stress assessments with confidence. Since the training I have carried out a number of assessments,  the most recent assessment resulted in an increased reading speed of 23%, a great result” plus no moving words. Wow!"

Joanne Hammersley - Head of Equality & Well-being - Fire Service

"Highly recommended..."
"....really happy with Crossbow, the course was well delivered and were having  really good feedback from all our current users. It compliments any DSE assessment and comes highly recommended."
West Midlands Fire Service   

Resources Testimonials 

"I can read a lot quicker..."
"I did find it very useful, I have been using the note pad that you provided and I feel like I am not straining my eyes and it was easier to read and I can read a lot quicker, this helps when you have to skim through some notes that you take, this saves me time. I do feel it would benefit me if I could have a background of the colour that I have be diagnosed with as all my work is based on a computer. It just feels as though the words standout better for me."
West Midlands Fire Service

"At last! I can read my emails"
"At last! I can read my emails without having to print them off and take them home!"
Lincolnshire NHS Trust Manager

"I find overlays are incredibly useful...."
"From my point of view, I find overlays are incredibly useful. They reduce the stress on my eyes when I am working on the computer - which helps to reduce the amount of migraines I get. It also helps me to be able to take in more information, and focus more on my work. The overlays that I use on paper help to allow me to concentrate more and I find I’m not having to read information several times, like I do when I don’t use an overlay."
Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service

Our services

"I would like to say how impressed we are with the quality of service from Crossbow in all aspects of our interaction with them..."
"On behalf of the Northamptonshire Dyslexia Association, I would like to say how impressed we are with the quality of service from Crossbow in all aspects of our interactions with them. We find them incredibly helpful, (nothing appears to be too much trouble), are always polite and friendly, knowledgeable about all their products and which resources are the most appropriate and cannot fault the speed of dealing with orders and delivery. We have no problems with promoting Crossbow to any of our clients or network contacts."
Pam Tomalin (Northamptonshire Dyslexia Association Helpline Adviser)