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Effects of Visual Stress Symptoms

How the symptoms of Visual Stress can effect an individual

  • Experience difficulty looking at a computer screen.
  • Be unusually sensitive to bright lights, especially fluorescent lighting.
  • Have difficulty judging heights or distances, which sometimes causes problems with stairs and/or escalators.
  • Find driving at night particularly stressful, sometimes experiencing a fragmentation of reflected light.
  • Develop headaches and migraines when reading.

While reading and writing sufferers may

  • Suffer fatigue quickly when working with text.
  • Skip words or lines when reading.
  • Experience increased difficulty in concentration after an initial period of about 10 minutes.
  • Move their head or body position, or move closer to or further away from the page/Computer Screen.
  • Read slowly and haltingly.
  • Have difficulty comprehending information.
  • Track with their finger.
  • Yawn while reading.
  • Frequently rub their eyes.