Page Overlay and Reading Ruler Testimonials 

“It’s taken all the tiredness out of reading”

“I’m 42 years old and I didn’t appreciate that words don’t have to drift around on the page. As soon as I started using an overlay I found out for the first time that the words actually sat still on the page. It’s taken all the tiredness out of reading. (our emphasis) Instead of it being like reading in the car, when you just have to put the book down after a few minutes, I just use an overlay or reading ruler with the book and sit down to enjoy it!”

An Occupational Therapist talks about Visual Stress

 "It’s made a huge difference to my work”

“I’m 45, and am a pastor in Edinburgh. Reading the Bible is really hard work for me, and I had never finished reading a book in my life. My brother gave me one of your reading rulers, and it was amazing the difference it made when I put a yellow background on the page. It has made a huge difference to my work. Now I go into the local prison and do bible study with the prisoners.”

From a Pastor in Edinburgh

 "One mixed set of overlays later and over 30 years of struggle suddenly reduced."

"I can see your frustration. Over 30 years of teachers, parents, doctors opticians telling me 'You can't possibly be seeing that' it doesn't surprise me. There seems to be a very large population of people who if it doesn't happen to them, refuse to believe its the case!

It was only a chance conversation with a colleague that I heard of lrlen's and then couldn't spell it to find out more. Another 5 years till DH asked an optician if he'd heard of it and he told us how to spell it. The we found British Dyslexia website and then your own fantastic site.

One mixed set of overlays later and over 30 years of struggle suddenly reduced. Your overlays changed my life. Bah humbug at those who don't believe, that's their foolish choice, look how long it took people to believe the world is round not flat! As long as you keep making these overlays and promoting how much they help people at least there is a chance that people like me can stumble across your site and find the help they so desperately need.

Keep doing what you do, you make the impossible possible."

From Billie (reply from Billie's Craft Room Blog)



Type-Thru Coloured Overlay Testimonials

We are delighted that so many people find the TVCO software useful for reducing their symptoms of visual stress on a computer. Read below to find out what some of our users think:

 "As I use a computer atleast eight hours a day my eyes become quicly tired, letters on the screen blur slightly and headaches are common. The TVCO software helps take away the edge from the screen glare which my eyes really appreciate!"

Company Director

 "With the multi-screen tracking I can keep an eye on all my screens at once!"

New York stockbroker

 "At last! I can read my emails without having to print them off and take them home!"

Lincolnshire NHS trust manager

Our Services

"On behalf of the Northamptonshire Dyslexia Association, I would like to say how impressed we are with the quality of service from Crossbow in all aspects of our interactions with them. We find them incredibly helpful, (nothing appears to be too much trouble), are always polite and friendly, knowledgeable about all their products and which resources are the most appropriate and cannot fault the speed of dealing with orders and delivery. We have no problems with promoting Crossbow to any of our clients or network contacts."

 Pam Tomalin (Northamptonshire Dyslexia Association Helpline Adviser)